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Portable Laser Hair Remover


For easier, permanent hair removal, our portable laser hair remover eliminates the hair from its follicle with invisible laser light without damaging the skin.



Reduce Hair Growth
Pulse Light

  • Pain-free permanent hair removal can be achieved by repeat use

High-grade Quartz Lamp

  • Integrated high grade UV filtration directly radiates the hair follicle for effective results

5 strength levels

  • Select the appropriate level according to your skin type

Durable Pulse Lamp

  • Rated to approximately 600,000 flashes

Maximised Lamp Area

  • Increases efficiency and achieves a greater exposure area per pulse

Suitable for Full Body hair Removal

  • If irritation occurs, cease using the product in that particular region of the body and consult a health care professional if concerned

One-time Cost

  • No refills or those pesky razor blades needed


  • Colour: White
  • Manufacturer model: SL-B050
  • Lamp tube: Xenon quartz tube
  • Light source: Intense pulsed light
  • Energy frequency: 1.5- 3.9 J/cm²
  • Focus size: 4.2cm²
  • Wavelength: 470- 1100 nm
  • Lamp tube life: 600,000 times
  • Adapter: AC100- 240V, 12V DC 3A
  • Weight: 210g
  • Size: 143 x 84 x 48mm
  • Operating temperature: 5- 30°C
  • Operating humidity range: Relative humidity 30- 60%